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Off Plan Guide

  • Purchasing off-plan properties allows you to secure the best price and choose desirable units at a lower cost.
  • There is a profit opportunity if the project is successful, as you can sell the property before completion for a significant profit.
  • Off-plan purchases often come with better payment plans, including lower upfront costs and monthly payments.
  • Register with a specialized real estate company for off-plan properties to access a wide range of choices and opportunities.
  • Work with an experienced agent who has strong relationships with developers and can represent you throughout the process.
  • Find the right property by matching your needs and requirements with available off-plan projects.
  • Visit the developer’s sales office with your agent to choose and reserve your desired unit by signing a sales purchase agreement (SPA).
  • Pay the initial deposit (typically 10-20%) and submit a copy of your passport.
  • Adhere to the payment plan outlined in the contract until the property is handed over to you.
  • Reselling may be allowed during the contract term, but consult with your agent for clarification.
  • Inspect the property upon completion to identify any snags that need to be addressed.
  • Make the final payment, receive access cards and keys, and have a smooth transition to your new property with the assistance of your agent.


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