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With 105 million visitors in 2023, Dubai Mall becomes the ‘most visited place on earth

by rayan on March 6, 2024

With record-breaking 105 million visitors in 2023—a 19% increase from 88 million the year before—Dubai Mall emerges as the “most visited place on earth.”

The higher number of visitors also helped sales, which resulted in an incredibly successful performance.

In the first two months of this year, over 20 million visitors were counted, setting the stage for an expected record year.

“These numbers reflect Dubai Mall‘s impressive status and mirror the forward-thinking leadership and strong economy of Dubai. Our mall embodies the city’s vibrant spirit and dedication to excellence, turning the leadership’s vision into a reality. Being an integral part of Dubai’s economic fabric, we play a crucial role in the city’s success and innovation,” said Emaar founder Mohamed Alabbar.

“This wide range of nationalities not only underscored the mall’s worldwide charm but also reflected the cosmopolitan culture of Dubai itself,” Alabbar added.

With 1.3 million followers, Dubai Mall has also seen significant growth in its online presence.



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