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According to official statistics, Dubai is the number one city expats want to live in

by rayan on November 11, 2023

Top Choice for Americans: Dubai emerges as the preferred destination for Americans looking to live overseas, surpassing popular cities like New York, Miami, and Paris.

Google Search Analysis: Remitly’s 12-month analysis of Google search data reveals that Dubai is the most searched destination among foreign visitors, with the city consistently ranking first among the “move to city” phrases in 164 countries.

Global Popularity: Dubai is recognized as the “it destination” globally, securing the top spot in the list of sought-after locations after examining move-related search data from 164 countries.

Attractive Services and Laws: Despite the challenges of moving, Dubai’s reputation for helpful services, expat-friendly laws, and the allure of tax-free salaries contributes to making the relocation process more straightforward.

Global Interest: The research indicates active interest in moving to Dubai from 37 out of 50 U.S. states and seven out of 10 Canadian provinces, reflecting widespread curiosity and consideration.

Top Ten Desired Cities: The top ten cities people want to move to include Dubai, Miami, Paris, New York City, Madrid, Singapore, London, Brussels, Toronto, and Washington DC. Dubai’s ranking as the world’s greatest city in 2021 is attributed to its innovations, unique world records, and entertainment options.

This recognition further solidifies Dubai’s global appeal, with its secure living conditions and inclusion of Ajman and Sharjah among the top secure cities in the United Arab Emirates adding to its allure.



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