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Damac Hills 2

by rayan on June 12, 2023

Damac Hills 2, previously known as Akoya and Akoya Oxygen, is a newly developed residential project by Damac Properties. Situated in the southern part of Dubailand, it is located in a secluded desert area, approximately 40 minutes drive from the city center. As of June 2021, many of the residential communities within Damac Hills 2 have been completed, while the majority of leisure districts and amenities are still under construction.

The community of Damac Hills 2 aims to provide residents with cleaner air, naturally cooler temperatures, and a thoughtfully designed master plan and road network system that focus on reducing pollution. Dedicated spaces for bicycles and hybrid vehicles are incorporated into the infrastructure.

The homes in Damac Hills 2 are constructed with energy-efficient materials and equipped with features such as air conditioning, lighting and controls, low-emission paints, and solar water heating systems. Waste management practices include separating refuse for recycling whenever possible.

A diverse range of villa types is available in the development, offering three to six bedrooms. These include Oleander, Celosia, Rivina, Aknan, Aurum, Biela, Cuatro, Hajar, Imagine, Mod Townhouses, Bugatti Villas, Just Cavalli Villas, and Uno Premier Villas. These villa types are spread out across various sub-communities, each named after a specific plant species.



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